NV 200

The NV200 bank note validator can accept all notes up to 85mm wide and industry standard bar codes. The unit can accept notes at acute angles in all four ways and straightens before reading.


The NV200 is a secure and robust bank note validator, ideal for high volume applications with a cashbox capacity of 500 or 1000 notes. Triple lock capability comprises of a lock on the validator head to secure the head to the main unit and two locks located on the actual cashbox.



  • Quick transactions with a high acceptance rate of typically 99.8% using SPF™ technology
  • Modular interface
  • Seamless note path = no jams
  • Accepts notes up to 85mm wide
  • Accepts industry standard barcode tickets - 4 ways
  • Bezel backlighting effects can be defined by the customer using any variation of the 3 primary colours.