The NV9 USB is a direct replacement for the popular NV9 Smiley bank note validator. The NV9 USB has been developed in direct response to customer feedback and incorporates simpler programming via a configuration button or configuration card. The unit is now USB capable (via an ITL to USB cable) and includes improved note transport and note guidance technology.


  • Three bezel width options: 66mm, 69mm or 82mm width - depending on currency
  • Cashbox capacity: 300 or 600 street grade notes
  • Dataset availability: full listings on our website


  • Quick transactions with a high acceptance rate of typically 99.8% using SPF™ technology
  • Designed for easy installation and simple maintenance
  • Note guidance technology
  • Simple, reliable, easy to use product
  • Single note escrow function
  • Improved note transport
  • Internal connector

      nv9 usb innovative technology machineData Sheet.pdf

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